Kofo Kitchenette catches fire, VC visits – UNILAG


The Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, (UNILAG), Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe made an appearanceĀ  at the Kofo Ademola Hall after one of the kitchenettes catched fire.

The incident which occured at the hostel’s second floor in the evening was said to be caused by an hostelite on that floor who was cooking and bleaching palm oil for an extended period without supervision.

“The girl is so careless for bleaching the palm oil for too long on the hotplate, said Oluchie, a female resident of the hostel, she should have monitored what she was doing”.

Another hostelite commented by saying it happened around 9:04pm and that no one was in the kitchen when the pot caught fire and spreaded to the kitchen.

“One of the girls helping out to douse the fire fainted, said Abigail, after she inhaled the fire extinguisher gas, a porter used in quenching the fire. She has been taken to the medical centre for treatment”.

After the fire had been stopped, sources revealed that the VC paid a visit to the hostel an hour later to inspect the incident scene. On his departure, females in the hostel were seen shouting with delight and appraisal for concern and presence.


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