Unilag Student kneels down as punishment for wearing Camo

Student being punished by guard

A male student of the University of Lagos was punished with kneeling by a security officer of the school, for wearing a Camo trouser. This happened two days ago at the University’s New Hall.

Prior this period, the school managment had passed a ground rule to all students to desist from wearing Camo attires which represents a soldier’s uniform. The purpose of the rule was to curb the actions of those camouflaing as soilders.

The student who remains anonymous, was seen wearing a white top with a Camo trouser which attracted the notice of a guard on duty who questioned and punished him thereafter.

“Other students should have come to his aid, said Yetunde Olatubosun, a 200l Masscom student; as an undergraduate, we should know our rights and should have interfered to stop him from being harassed”.

Another student, Aga, commented that an ordinary security guard is not authorized to punish a student in that degrading manner and moreover, a warning from the guard could have been a whole lot better instead of asking him to kneel.

“He was lucky that he was only asked to kneel, said Mr. Adebayo Adeboye, one of the security officers, in his interview with Campus Diary. “The situation could have been much more worse if he was found wearing that Camo outside the school premises, he should just thank his stars”

We could say from this incident that ‘every action counts’ and should as such caution the dress preference of students in and out of the school environment.


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