A Break? — A Cry Out against ASUU Strike




Really, is it?

Some might think it is the halt of an activity. Others might say it is a pause of action.
Be it’s far from all this. For it would be left without depth and meaning.

We all have our ideas on the word
Yet there is one idea which shouldn’t be ignored.
A break is a lapse… A fall out. For it does not pause an activity or action alone, it halts the mind and will also.

ASUU strike, ASUU strike!
What harm have u caused this time?
Though for the greater good, you are said to arise,
However, the Nigerian students are paying the price.
For you did not only halt all activities but you halted the will to read, the will to engage in academic building, and the will to hope.

Cast aside by the system, we are left to wallow in desperation for something, anything.
Though some of us find productivity during this time, many of us lack the authority needed to put to work idle minds.

An institution is put in place to help the latter.
To prevent them from having to falter.
You have deprived us the coercion to study and made us vagabonds in our own worry.
We are not safe anymore, for hungry minds have started to crawl.
They seek what cannot be bought, they seek what one earns and more.

How do we escape from this? How do we reach a safe haven?
The hungry minds have no test to write, no exams to fight..they only have the appetite to steal, the appetite to kill.

Do not let what was already cultivated to die.
For on our knees we are saying these lines,
That you put a halt to your fight.
For us, take a BREAK from the strike.


  1. My personal opinion is that they have come so far for this strike to end without an agreement or some sort.

    Anyway this is my first ever visit to this site. Where’s my first timer cake 😂


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