The universally designated day for ‘love’ is the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day).

The story surrounding its origin dates back to the 3rd century in Rome, where a Catholic priest, Saint Valentine went against the Emperor’s rules which forbade his soldiers from marrying, as he felt thier only devotion should be to Rome. St Valentine however felt love was more important, so he secretly started to marry off the soldiers. When he was discovered, he was jailed and executed subsequently. There’s a lot surrounding the origin, but lets not get bored  with details. The 14th of February was marked as the day of love, in memory of St. Valentine.

It’s that time of year again. Restaurants are already adorning their interiors with red roses, red hearts and Cupids.
Modern day Valentine’s Day celebration is solely fixated on capitalism. Now, your love will be measured by the amount of money you can spend on your significant other. A lot of money would be spent, because businesses would hike up their prices following the days leading up to the 14th.Students are known to be one of the biggest disciple of this day. Failure to observe this day is seen by many as a failure to show love.

Instead of going to fancy restaurants and blowing a lot of cash, because somehow, you succumbed to the pressure Valentine’s Day subtly puts on us, you could celebrate your love the way you did yesterday, or the day before that. You don’t have to wait till every 14th to show you care in a grand way. It’ll either leave you broke, or intensely in debt.

Love is eternal, timeless and needs no arena to be shown. It is a ryhtm with which two hearts feel compassion, joy, romance, empathy and protection for each other. True lovers have no timetable. They just live in the awesome feeling of the other person.

Not to say you shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, just to say 14th February isn’t the most romantic day of the year, and contrary to popular belief, love isn’t in the air only on the 14th. For true lovers, love is always in the AIR.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at TC Diary.


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