As Students, we often get overwhelmed in a negative realm(LUST) while believing we have found life’s most precious gift(LOVE)

While the rest of the world is talking about “love”, how about we talk about lust for a moment?

Without a doubt, some people don’t even believe in love anymore.

Few individuals still believe in that beautiful thing called “Love”.

While most people are confused about it.

Whether you believe in love or not, no one is criticizing you. Stick to your guns and let’s see where that leads you.

This piece is for those who are confused about “love”.

The majority of people that are confused about love are those who are “obsessed” about celebrating valentine.

Majority of these people have zero or less idea about what “love” really means in its pure form. Love is a transfusion of two heart into a soul (soulmate); it cant be fully explained in literary terms but through the piercing eyes of a lover when he or she uses the eyes to see the heart. Lovers dont judge, they just sublime into an eternal feeling while in flesh

Most individuals get their ideas about love from movies and reading tabloid.

By the way, that’s not a bad thing, but sometimes, you need to think for yourself.

Observe your environment. What does love look like in your environment? How does it compare with what you see on TV?

What kind of picture do you have or paint mentally about love?

If you get your ideas about love from movies, novels , or social media, you’re gonna have a great deal of problem creating an healthy relationship.

Love isn’t about the “Valentine” celebration with your spouse. Love is about positive growth or progress with your spouse.

Sometimes love isn’t just about being romantic, sometimes, love could be about genuinely supportive to your spouse’s ideas or visions.

Sometimes, love isn’t about “sweet” talks always, sometimes love is really about telling the truth even if it will hurt.

Love isn’t about the kisses and the hugs alone, love is about embracing our imperfections.

Love isn’t about wearing similar dress codes, love is about having a similar mindset or being in a similar vibration.

Love isn’t about sharing roses. Remember, roses have thorns.

Love isn’t cunny. Love is pure and straight forward.

Love could be free, but it ain’t cheap – It has it’s price.

Love isn’t just proven by the purchase of expensive things, it also involves something priceless – Commitment.

Without it (Commitment) , there is no love, but lust.

Before you get lost, always remember that love is by a huge margin different from lust.

Lust is an empty game, real love is a lifetime commitment.

Once you find love (Genuine) my dear, do not let it go.

For love is Life and Life is LOVE..



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