RELATIONSHIP 101: Are You In A Symbiotic Or Parasitic Relationship?


There are several types of relationships but lets focus on  “romantic relationships”.

How do you relate with your spouse or significant other?

How do you keep your relationship fresh?

Come 14th of February, almost every youth or even couples would bang on social media the words – “Happy Valentine”.

Most people will take their significant other on a date and post it on social media.

People do all sort of things to prove their love on Valentine’s day.

True love isn’t proven once a year. True love is proven every single day. 

An ideal relationship should be supportive in every sense. An ideal relationship is soaked with trust.

An ideal relationship should be full of strength and deep connections.

Unfortunately, in our world today, relationships have turned into cotton buds or menstrual pads – Once used, it is disposed. 

The “I love you” phrase has become a slang.

There are several reasons why most relationships fail.

One of those reasons is lack of clarity before stepping into the relationship.


Let’s face it, most relationships are flooded with selfish interest.

When there’s lack of clarity (Of exactly what you want) in a relationship, you’re more likely to end up being used.

You don’t have to step into a relationship because other people are.

Have a sense of clarity. What exactly do you want in a relationship?

An ideal relationship isn’t a parasitic thing. Relationship is a symbiotic drill. It is to be enjoyed NOT endured. 

It is a way of exchanging love and affection.

In today’s world, it would be very rare to find an ideal relationship.

Does a  perfect relationships exists. NO!!!, it doesn’t.

Its foolish to be BLIND in love now. You need to ask yourself certain basic questions like

What is the future of this reltionship. what is the main driving force of this relationship(SEX?), Will this supposedly strong relationship maintain its momentum if cetain criterias are varied(eg money, bodily structure etc). Without being blinded, can i vough that my partner feels as strongly about us as i do or am I the major driving force propelling “US” into being

Love is not really BLIND, neither is it PERFECT

An ideal relationship isn’t about perfection, it’s about commitment.

Ask yourself a very simple but vital question – Are you in a symbiotic or parasitic relationship?

If you’re truly in a symbiotic relationship, congratulations.

If not, talk to your partner about it and if nothing changes, find a way to excuse yourself.

The rate of change in momentum of relationship has changed over the last 10 years. Love used to have more respect, time, understanding and tolerance. Most love today have  replaced respect with MATERIAL THNGS, understanding have been replace with “let peace reign’, time has mostly being taken up by CHAT on the phone( even in the presence of each other) while tolerance have been replaced with ABUSE.

It’s not enough to just be in any kind of relationship or post ; “Happy Valentine” on social media.

You have to put yourself in a relationship that helps you grow in every sense.

Does that sound like perfection to you? In case it sounds like perfection to you, maybe you’ve given up mentally on what you really want.


Once again, ponder on this simple question (You should reflect on this) – Are you in a symbiotic or parasitic relationship?




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