STUDENT Feminism— The Modern Female Ideology



I have heard some female students say men are scum…They say they never need a man.
They say he doesn’t deserve that position because the society gives men too much privilege
They always judge competitions in favour of women all in the name of “Girl Power”.
They say “Show him it’s a woman’s world.”

But is that truely the mindset of a genuine Feminist? What in fries name is even Feminism?..feminist this, feminist that.. A very controversial issue. If you have lived your life believing what is written in the first paragraph, then my friend you are no longer “Feminist”…you are SEXIST!!

Yes! A Sexist you are. For your reasoning has swayed from equality of both male and female (feminism) to total discrimination of the male sex.

A feminist fights for equal opportunity to be provided to both sexes (male and female) and not more opportunities for women alone. A feminist fights for equal voices to be heared and not one over the other.

If you really claim to be feminist , why not take the lives of Ex- FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and the likes. They are feminists but still recognise the role of a man in their lives.

So being feminist does not mean u don’t need a man. No! It doesn’t also mean you are equal to a man. It means you have the same opportunity with the man to venture into anything without being shunned on basis of your sex. And if you think otherwise, then you are either sexist or anything but a feminist.

Let’s all try to understand the true feminist ideology and avoid moving towards the modern idea of Feminism. We can do it!


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