UNILAG: ‘The New Source of Orange Juice in Nigeria’- Makama Water Supply


The latest gist unraveling in the University of Lagos as it is: the agitation from the female student residents in Makama Hall concerning their contaminated water supply.

Resident sources have revealed to TCDiary, about the true state of their water supply. They tagged it  “The New Source of Orange Juice in Nigeria” as the water used on a daily basis remains unhygienic and very colourful. Fear of diarrhoea and skin rashes have taken over the students.


Shukurat, one of the residents said, “One can’t even use the water to cook again becasue I had food poisoning as a result of its usage. I now prefer to buy sachet water to serve my needs and keep me healthy”.

“I didn’t get the memo of when the hall management turned to Jesus Christ who turned water to wine, said a student, this wine is not good at all as I can’t even drink it”.

Other sources revealed their sentiments about the whole situation as being unpleasant and uncomfortable for them. Most narrated their experience of developing skin rashes after using the water to bathe.

Esther, a student resident gave her opinion on the matter by stating she expected better from the University of First Choice and Nation’s Pride. She added that if indeed this claim stands true, provision of social amenities like clean water shouldn’t be a problem for the school management at all.

Judging by all these aforementioned statement from each resident, it is clear that the students are quite displeased about the current state of things. The residents went further to appeal to the management to fix all that is necessary to ensure a clean hygienic output of their water supply. As this is a delicate matter that concerns the student’s health and wellbeing, they have hope for a speedy development.


TCDIARY will keep you abreast as it unfolds


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