Just in from the University of Lagos, a white LT Bus was reported by students to have caught fire beside the Faculty of Environmental Science, Opposite Wema Bank, Unilag as a result of engine overheating.

Eyewitness claimed that it wasn’t a pleasant sight to behold as there was no early aid from the Fire Extinguisher Agency, thus the bus got burnt to the exteme. Fortunately, there were no casualties from the incident as people in the bus promptly escaped before the fire became intense.

“The incident happened around 3:54pm, said Elijah Onshore, a 300l Computer Engineering student; I arrived at the scene and saw the burnt remains of the bus, the fire really dealt with the bus.


Another student, Tolani, said in his interview with TCDiary that the incident caused quite the traffic as cars were on standstill during the course of the incident. He also added that Unilag Hospital Ambulance arrived late to the scene after the fire had done most of the damage to the bus.

Other eyewitness confirmed this statement by airing their displeasure with the late arrival of both the Fire Extinguisher Service and School Medical Ambulance. They were at the same time, relieved with the lack of casualties at the scene. At present, the bus has been cleared off and everything put in place.. This incident has also proved the need for quicker responses by the school management to situations such as this.


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